Rijksstudio Award 2017


Rijksmuseum Announces 2017 Rijksstudio Award Shortlist

DELFT BLUE EYES by Francine LeClercq and Ali Soltani

The Glassy Gaze of Delft Blue Eyes
Francine LeClercq +Ali Soltani

The Dutch national art museum -The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will be awarding the Rijksstudio Award for the third time. The Rijksmuseum invites members of the public to draw inspiration from the Rijksmuseum collection, download images from Rijksstudio and use them to create their own artwork. On April 21st the international jury will present the winners during the festive Rijksstudio Award presentation ceremony.
Based on the design of  XVII century plaques in the museum collection, Francine LeClercq and Ali Soltani's entry DELFT BLUE EYES consists of non- prescriptive contact lenses whose hydrogel surface has been printed with Delft Blue pattern. While drawing on a distinct cultural heritage of Dutch Delftware, the direct juxtaposition of a perceived work and its viewing subject is a nod to Marcel Duschamp’s critic on retinal art through the selective process of “Readymades”. Today, in an era enmeshed by trajectories of prying eyes, the perceiving subject itself is the tentative Readymade the moment it is caught viewing it’s prey, here the enameled tin-glaze of delft under a glassy gaze.

Irma Boom, Director of Irma Boom Office
Tony Chambers, Editor-in-Chief at Wallpaper
Ingrid Chou, Associate Creative Director, The Museum of Modern Art
Taco Dibbits, General Director of the Rijksmuseum (Jury President)
Ute Thon, Chief Copy Editor, art - Das Kunstmagazin
Thomas Widdershoven, director and designer at Thonik

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