[07] Mise en [s]cène

The chosen title, mise en [s]cène in view of its inferred meaning : the act of stage setting, or more pertinently: the surrounding of an event, with a bracketed “s”, is a virtual gloss laid over none other but the illustrious title of Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Cène more commonly known in English as The Last Supper. One of the most enigmatic paintings yet known not only by virtue of its dismal state and the difficulties of its restoration but equally by the complexities and the multitude of clues that has engaged generations of copyists and thinkers, resurrected as it were in Francine LeClercq’s in situ installation seeming like a clinical autopsy with a disembodied table, it serves as a backdrop to find the ancestral link of painting and its context back to Da Vinci’s mural.

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Video By Richard Jochum