SILENCES: Francine LeClercq and Lauren Greenwood

Waiting for Godot, 2012

The Crevice GALLERY, July 18- August 5, 2012

SILENCES featuring works by an NYC based, but French born artist, Francine LeClercq and British artist Lauren Greenwood.
NYC-based, but French born, Francine LeClercq's current preoccupations are with curtatorial devices and the idea of the white box gallery as a presence or gesture in and of itself, which she attempts to invoke with "Closed For Installation". Going a bit deeper into the glaring white abyss than some of her previous works in this vein, "Closed For Installation" quietly places the viewer in the position of Samuel Beckett's Vladimir and Estragon, waiting for Godot, and everything else that we are unsure will ever arrive.
For British artist Lauren Greenwood, the white box is an intensely charged space that requires the viewer to move around trying to see it from all sides and strain to make out parts of the images it contains. "Very Quietly In The Distance" produces a sensation of separation and a desire to be closer to the recess of the gallery space than is really possible. One is drawn towards a portal into a parallel version of space, but cannot quite make out what is on the other side before it disintegrates into static.

The Crevice Gallery shows conceptually big work in a physically small space.
It pursues a variety of ideas and sentiments in minute, introspective detail with the dedication of a cat pursuing a mouse. It also occasionally disappears into the folds of reality altogether.
Like the work it exhibits, The Crevice Gallery is a conceptual art project of its own accord, produced by Heather Kapplow as a part of a long drawn out series of works about vocation called 'Help Wanted'.