Francine LeClercq Brings 17th Century Painting to Life

Detail of Hendrick Avercamp's painting (top) and last frame of stop animation (bottom)

original painting by Hendrick Avercamp and last frame of animation

In the context of the 2020 International Rijksstudio Award competition inviting everyone to create their own masterpiece inspired by works from the Rijksmuseum's collection, artist and designer Francine LeClercq from Soltani+LeClercq, revisited Hendrick Avercamp by bringing his 17th century painting “Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters” to life.

The exquisite rendering of a winter scene by Hendrick Avercamp depicting a wide range of activities on a frozen river is so effervescent in its narrative that every elements seem to anticipate their next move. In this stop motion animation, the displacements not only of more than one hundred figures but also of the preserved appearance of the paint in turn activate the panoramic landscape and offer alternative scenarios and compositions within the canvas.

This work is an attempt to call for an extending viewing of the painting, observing grim and humorous details, giving every brushstroke a new perspective and stimulate imagination.

Stop animation extracts